“Ameska” Tire Recycling Company

In a year, Armenia produces 17,2 thousand tons of used tires, which are mainly burnt in warehouses or buried in tailing dumps or end up in landfills illegally.

Ameska” has been founded since 2014. It deals with tire recycling which results in technical carbon, diesel fuel and scrap metal. The company also processes used oils, plastic waste, bags, containers (polyethylene), cartridges, files and other solid office waste, banners (polypropylene), home appliances (polystyrene).

The company has more than 15 points for collecting waste in Yerevan and adjacent areas.

“Ameska” informs that the accumulation or burial, as well as burning of used tires in an open area or water environment have extremely harmful effect on human health and result in a series of ecological problems. The buried tires take 100-300 years to degrade. That’s why the company uses only safe methods to avoid further pollution.


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