A Letter to the Armenian Government on the Incompatibility of Jermuk development program and Amulsar project

“EcoLur” Informational NGO has addressed a letter to Armenian government, which says that the government has taken two contradictory decisions on the development of Jermuk community. The first one is on declaring Jermuk Town as a center of tourism, and the second one on Amulsar gold mining project. The contradictory fact is that, according to Amulsar project, Jermuk resort town was recognized as a project affected community, which makes it impossible to implement the Jermuk development program.
The letter also says that, according to Jermuk development program, annually it should have provided 100,000 tourist visits into Jermuk. It was planned to bring tourism income to 100 million USD and to ensure 400 workplaces.
“EcoLur” asks the government to answer the following questions:
  1. How would you assess the development of tourism in Jermuk, if  Jermuk resort town turns into an industrial center?:
  2. How would you assess the risks for the investments directed at the development of Jermuk resort  in the form of environmentally friendly transportation, production of ecologically clean products and construction of resort houses, if Jermuk development program plans inflow of annually 100 million USD into Jermuk budget, while, according to Amulsar project, state budget will allocate a smaller amount to Jermuk?
  3. How would you assess social risks, if Jermuk development program plans to create additional 4000 workplaces, while Amulsar project plans to create 1300 working places during construction stage, which will last for only 2 years?
  4. How would you assess the further development of Jermuk, when Amulsar mine closes down?


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