6 Main Ways to Beat Air Pollution

World Economic Forum has put together 6 main ways to beat air pollution.

  1. Leaving the car at home and taking public transport, cycling or walking are key ways we can all make a difference to air pollution.
  2. Cutting down on meat and dairy products can reduce ammonia emissions from animal farming.
  3. Embracing circular economy. Recycle, repair, reuse and remanufacture whatever is possible to prevent waste being sent to landfill or burnt.
  4. Simple measures like turning off the lights, shutting down electronics when they’re not in use and choosing more energy-efficient equipment can help to lessen the need to burn fossil fuels. Solar panels also helps to reduce emissions and limit air pollution.
  5. Planting a tree in your community. Trees filter toxic gases, dust and smoke.
  6. Make your home green. Indoor plants absorb harmful chemicals from household products.

These ideas aren’t revolutionary, but they illustrate how small changes to our daily habits can help to globally work toward a greater goal.


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