5 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

World Economic Forum reports every year almost 13 million tones of plastic leaks into our oceans resulting in inexplicable damage to marine life, biodiversity and human health. Customers have started demanding from producers to take the most part of responsibility and take some actions. Here are five innovative alternatives to plastic packaging.

1) Bottles made of soap

Mi Zhou, a master’s degree student in the Material Futures programmed at Central St Martins college in London, has created elegant bottles made of vegetable-based soap that melt away once they are no longer needed. A thin layer of beeswax is used to line the bottles to make them waterproof, preventing the liquid contents from leaking.

2) KitKat origami

Nestlé Japan recently released new packaging for its miniature KitKat chocolate bars, which will now be wrapped in paper instead of plastic. The packaging comes with instructions on how to turn the paper into origami cranes, which are seen as a symbol of happiness. According to Nestlé, the new packaging will save around 380 tonnes of plastic waste a year.

3) Compostable packaging

Israel-based start-up TIPA makes flexible packaging from biomaterials that looks and feels like plastic and has the same durability – but is fully compostable, including all laminates and labels, within 180 days.

4) In the Loop

Instead of relying on single-use packaging, The Loop Alliance delivers products to consumers’ doorsteps in durable packaging that is collected, cleaned, refilled and reused, sometimes more than 100 times.

5)  Mushrooming into shape

New York-based Evocative Designs is growing its packaging from mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms – and the agricultural byproduct of hemp. It’s compostable and custom molded, durable and flame resistant – and it grows in just nine days.


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