BirthStrike because of ‘the Ecological Crisis’

CNN reports about a group of people who refuse to have children fearing the influence climate change will have on the environment in future. 33-year-old British musician Blythe Pepino mentions she really wants a kid, but she does not feel like the time is...

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Motion To Court on Amulsar Case

Ecolur informs that on September 30, Jermuk residents’ barrister Nazeli Vardanyan filed a motion to RA Administrative Court to ban Lydian Armenia to carry out any activity in Amulsar before conducting a new biodiversity impact as...

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Amulsar Related Issues Were Raised in Brussels

Aravot informs that on October 1, Anna Shahnazaryan, a member of the Armenian Environmental Front Civil Initiative, presented the Amulsar problem to a group of European Parliament MPs in Brussels. She particularly touched upon the former government’...

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New Alpine lake –the new icon of climate change

World Economic Forum represents that the lake appeared in Mont Blanc mountain may be a new indicator of global warning. On June 28, alpinist Bryan Mestre captured a concerning sight: a lake that had formed due to snow melting on the Alps, measuring abou...

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Cosmetics Industry Becoming Eco-friendly

Scitech Europa informs that Stora Enso is introducing a paperboard tube for cosmetics packaging as an alternative to plastic tubes. The paperboard tube is used for the packaging of skin creams. Nowadays cosmetic brands sustainability targets include comba...

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Will You Eat Octopus?

World Economic Forum informs according to scientists, farming octopuses is not only unethical but deeply damaging to the environment. Numerous studies explain that octopuses are one of the most complex and intelligent animals in the ocean. They can r...

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