Slovenia’s Transition To No Waste

The Guardian informs that Ljubljana is the first European capital to commit to going zero-waste. But fifteen years ago, all of its waste went to landfill. In 2002 Slovenia started with separate collection of paper, glass and packaging in roadside containe...

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Training on Waste Management and Reduction

Tomorrow, on August 7, from 11: 00 till 16: 00 Azdahak Environmental Center NGO with the support of Eastern Partnership will conduct a one-day training on waste management and reduction in Armenia, Gegharkunik village of Gegharkunik region. The training w...

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Microfibers- the Tiniest Enemies

World Economic Forum informs that every time people wash their clothes they are putting plastic in the ocean. 60% of the world’s clothes are made synthetically from petrochemicals, for example, polyester, nylon and acrylic. They contain tiny plastic...

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Bicycles Made Out of Bamboo

World Economic Forum informs that a company in Ghana makes bikes out of bamboo giving young people jobs, transport and better health, protecting the environment and tackling climate change. The founder of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Bernice Dapaah says that the re...

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