1,435,100 USD for Waste and Flood Management in Non-operating Stone Pits in Artik Town, Armenia

Ecolur informs that the Adaptability Fund within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has provided a grant of 1,435,100 AMD for the implementation of “Management of Wastes and Floods in Non-operating Stone Pits in Artik Town” pilot project. 40 ha of the area surrounding the town and non-operating mines will be planted with trees and an up-to-date recreation zone will be established. The slopes of two drainage systems running into the town will also be enhanced within the project ranges and a fast disaster response system will be introduced. It is planned to improve plough lands, pastures and meadow lands for people dealing with agriculture.

No atmospheric air monitoring has been conducted in Artik Town since 2005. According to the examinations preceding 2005, the dust density in Artik made up 2000 g/s, which exceeds the permissible maximum concentration by multiple times.

In addition to dust, in 2016 the stone pits caused a disaster in Artik. Because of the overflow of mines, the heavy rains flooded houses in Artik.


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