Amulsar Project and the Rattle over it

“Business & Human Rights Resource Centre” invited “Lydian International”, Amulsar gold mine’s operator, to respond the demands of the petition ( initiated by environmentalists , but it did not. They also invited “Resource Capital Funds” & “Orion Mine Finance”, Amulsar gold mine investors to respond, but they did not respond either.
We remind that the company “Lydian Armenia”, which in 2014 was granted the mining rights and the environmental permit for the construction of Amulsar project by the government, states that it carries out its activities in accordance with the international best practices and within the scopes of IFC and EBRD performance criteria and requirements. But the environmentalists are convinced that the exploitation of the mine is a big threat for Armenia and keep alarming: The organizers of the recently initiated internet petition are 19 environmental organizations that have submitted the project details and dangers.


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